I Came to Peretz after I learned I had to be shirtless on stage in a premiere of a new Edward Albee play in New York. I wanted to work out for the role but had always been afraid of the gym. Peretz kept me motivated, the variety in his training kept me interested, and his encouragement helped me become comfortable. By the time I shot the film KEEP THE LIGHTS ON I had a new confidence in myself and in my body. My goals were purely aesthetic but the results went much deeper. I’m in the best shape of my life inside and out and I’m now considered for jobs that I would never have been in the past.
— Zach Booth
We both used Peretz as our personal trainer before our weddings. We trained together which made it even more fun. We saw him 2 days a week for an hour each day and started about 6 months before both of our weddings. By the time the weddings came, our bodies had transformed. When we first started with Peretz, we had absolutely no strength, no flexibility, and hated working out! By the end, we were doing exercises we never thought we’d be able to do and really enjoyed it. He got us into amazing shape and helped us to look our absolute best. Peretz is an amazing trainer and he always made the work outs fun. We did different exercises for the entire hour and always worked on different parts of our bodies. It didn’t take long for us to see the changes in our bodies right after we started. We are grateful to Peretz for helping us get into the shape we needed for the most important day of our lives!
— Julie Nelson and Jenny Halper
When I started working out with Peretz about three years ago I was scrawny and had very little interest in working out. Over the next few years I saw changes not only in how I looked but more importantly how I felt. He made me enjoy working out for the first time and made it fun. I often say there is no need for us to do sit ups because I get all my ab exercises from laughing during our sessions. I am very grateful for my experience with Peretz as a trainer and more so as a friend.
— Justin Gurland
Peretz Schienerman has changed my life. I’ve had a total perception change about the Gym since I have been working out with Peretz. Working out and lifting have now become fun. I have never took going to the gym seriously, but Peretz has changed that. I have seen some serious results in only a short 6 months since we have been working out together. Most of the exercises we do together, I have never even heard of. We do a full body workout each session, leaving me sore the next day. He helps me the most in showing me creative workouts and helping me lift heavier weight then I would ever think were possible. Peretz has also helped me with some diet tips for when I’m not in the gym with him, making his workouts full-circle. I have made the right choice in Peretz as a trainer, and will continue to workout with him in the future.
— Mitch Leff